Change since …
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The GCRO Barometer depicts developmental progress in the Gauteng City-Region in a single interactive graphic, using 38 indicators across 10 key sectors. It serves as a tracking and diagnostic tool to inform policy makers and the public on where development progress is being made, and areas of concern. The Barometer shows progress against three base years (2002, 2007 and 2011) in the last year for which data could be collected across all indicators, 2012. The base year is represented by the red circle, and the length of the line reflects the extent of progress on a standardised index.

Navigation and interpretation
a.The Barometer shows "change since …" in relation to three dates, 2002, 2007 and 2011. The data in the Barometer is for 2012, so you can compare how things have changed over the periods 2002-2012, 2007-2012 and 2011-2012.
b.Select your base year and click.
c.The situation as it was in the base year is represented by the red circle. The indicator lines are longer or shorter, relative to this base year, depending on how much progress has been made.
d.The actual value for each indicator (some are percentages, others ratios, others numbers) have been converted to an index relative to the base year, which always carries a value of 100. If the indicator line extends beyond the red circle it means there has been positive progress. If it is below the red circle it means there has been regression. If it is on the circle there has been no change.
e.The distance of the indicator line above or below the red circle measures the extent of change relative to the base year. So a long line means a lot of positive change.
f.Note that some indexes have been inverted to reflect the fact that a decline in the indicator value is a good thing. For example, if the murder rate – the number of murders per 100 000 people – goes down, this is a positive thing, and this is shown by a longer line extending beyond the circle (even though the value in the indicator is going down over time).
g.To view a sector in detail, mouse over the sector area. You can see what indicators are in that sector in the box on the left.
h.Sector colours represent overall change for the sector in terms of magnitude and direction of change. This is based on the average of each sector indicators' indices (Green=significant positive change, Amber=only minor positive change. Red=any negative change.
i.To view an indicator in detail, mouse over the indicator and click the marker at the end of the line (not the line itself). Information for that indicator (precise indicator definition, source of data, etc.) will appear in the box on the left.
j.Click the tab to see a graphed trendline for the indicator’s data.
k.To download a report on the Barometer, including more detailed discussion of each indicator, click download report.